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Annual attestation of PhD students

Online Seminar on Feb 16th, at 10:00Subject: Annual attestation of...
by N. Mkhitaryan, I. Grigoryan


European Seventh Framework Programs running:

ERA project IPERA (2011-2014), involving Armenia, France and Luxembourg,

This project is a European Commission founded initiative entitled "Integrating the Institute for Physical Research of the National Academy of  Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (IPR-NAS) into ERA". The project is founded under the framework of the FP7 Capacities Framework  Programme. It aims to support the participation of Armenian physical research organizations in EU physical research.


SECURE-R2I  (2013-2016) Luxembourg, Greece, Estonia, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine.

The overall aim of the SECURE-R2I project is to reinforce cooperation with Eastern Partnership Countries (EPC) on bridging the gap between  research and innovation for Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 7 “Secure Societies”. 


COSMA (2012-2016), involving Italy, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Israel, Armenia, Russia, India, Poland, USA,

The main objective of the project is to focus theoretical, experimental and clinical research of the participating groups on biomagnetism phenomena, with the specific aim to develop all-optical sensors dedicated to their detection and suitable for applications in clinical diagnostics. 


TheBarCode (2013-2016) involving Greece, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Armenia, Romania, Romania, Greece, Belgium, UK, Russia,

Its aim is the development of materials, methods and models suitable to fabricate, monitor, evaluate and predict the performance and overall energy efficiency of novel thermal barrier coatings for energy generative systems.


LIMACONA project (2013-2016) involving UK, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia,


NANOMAT-EPC (2013-2016) involving Luxembourg, Germany, France, UK, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine,


Financial Support

Government Grants

1. Study of superconducting and thermoelectric properties: new technologies, compounds and devices.
(Dr. A. Kuzanyan)

2. Study of spectra and hyperfine structure of alkali atoms and the application for the isotope separation. 
(Prof., Academician M. Movsessyan)

3. Study of fatigue mechanism in ferroelectric (Pb1-xLax)(ZryTi1-y) systems.
(Dr. E. Kafadaryan)

4. Investigation of the normal-to superconductive phase transition at the border of transition (at very beginning of formation of the Cooper pairs and flux vortics)
(Dr. S. Gevorgyan)

5. Investigation and creation of new lasers and multifunctional materials used in area of laser physics.
(Prof. R. Kostanyan)

6. The stimulation of the medium by magnetic field induction.
(Dr. R. Manucharyan)

7. Magnetism in low conductivity metals.
(Prof. E. Sharoyan)

8. Laser spectroscopy of atomic gases confined in extremely thin cells and development of new devices for laser physics
(Prof. D. Sarkisyan)

9. Investigation of LuAP and LuYAP oxide crystal structural inhomogeneities and their influence upon scintillation characteristics
(Prof. A. Petrosyan)

10. Elaboration of quantum information technologies on the base of intensive entangled light beams.
(Prof. G. Kryuchkyan)

11. Storage and retrieving of quantum information in coherent atomic ensembles.
(Prof. Yu. Malakyan)

12. Complex research of new materials and heterostructure, creation and research of new devices for optoelectronics and integrated optics.
(Prof. E. Vardanyan)

13. New materials for advanced quantum electronics: periodically and aperiodically poled lithium niobate crystals with strong suppressed photorefractive effect.
(Dr. E. Kokanyan)

International Grants

Topics Dates, Institutions
1. Creation of High-Performance Computation 
Cluster and Databases in Armenia.
(Prof. G. Kryuchkyan)
2003-2005 ISTC, A-823
2. Laser-Chemical Separation of Isotopes of Alkali Metals.
(Prof. Academician M. Movsessyan)
2002-2005, ISTC, A – 635
3. Development of Laser-assisted Submicron Scale 
Micromanufacturing System.
(Dr. A. Kuzanyan)
2001-2005, NATO, SfP-974082
4. Oxide Layers and Heterostructures Produced by Sol-Gel 
Technique to Increase Efficiency of Solar Cells.
(Prof. E. Vardanyan)
2004-2005, CRDF, GAP IPP-10380
5. Dual-Frequency Active Elements for Compact Lasers Based on
Periodically Poled LiNbO3:Er3+-Yb3+ Crystals.
( Dr. E. Kokanyan)
2004-2005, CRDF, AP2-2556-AK-03
6. Periodically and Chirped Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate Crystals
with Strong Suppressed Photorefraction for Advanced Quantum Electronics
( Dr. E. Kokanyan)
2004-2006, ISTC, A-1033
7. Quantum Information Storage in Solids Via Atomic Coherence
(Prof. Yu. Malakyan)
2004-2006, ISTC, A-1095
8. Research and Development of LuAP Scintillation Crystals for New 
Generation Positron Emission Tomographs (PET)
(Prof. A. Petrosyan)
2005-2007, ISTC, A-1165
9. Atomic Ensemble of Free Rubidium Atoms Confined in a Optical Nano-cell 
(Prof. D. Sarkisyan)
2005, ANSEF, 05-PS-eng.-728-31
10. Highly Thermoelectric (La,Ce)B6 Films for Low-Temperatur
(Dr. A.Kuzanyan)
2005, ANSEF, 05-PS-codmatex-814-109
11. Tunable Locking of Diode Laser Radiation Frequency to Atomic Resonance
Lines Using Atomic Vapor Nanolayers
(Prof. D. Sarkisyan)

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Laser Physics 2023

Конференция посвящена 100-летию основателя Института физических...

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