Laser Physics 2023

The Annual International Conference at the Institute for Physical Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need VISA to enter Armenia?
Full list of countries can be found here

What is the deadline for the registration?
August 1 is the deadline for abstract submission and registration, after the deadline you may contact secretary if you want to attend the conference as a visitor.

How can I get an invitation letter?
An invitation letter will be send as soon as abstract processing is finished, your work is accepted and you have noted in submission document that you need an invitation letter. If you need quick answer for submitting VISA form you may ask the secretary for accelerated review of your work.

When can I know that my work is accepted for the conference?
August 10 is the deadline for processing and acceptance will be received. If you need acceptance letter for the VISA, you may ask organizers for quick review of acceptability and invitation letter preparation.

Is there an Uber or any mobile Taxi?
There is no Uber in Armenia, however mobile and internet Taxi services are very popular and quite reliable. Most popular Taxi services are GG, UTaxi and Yandex,

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