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IPR Development Strategy

The overall goal of the Strategy is to boost performance of IPR‐NAS against key output parameters, to increase its sustainability and socio‐economic impact, and to promote its further integration into European reserach area. The Strategy comprises three‐level set of documents:

• Mission Statement, which guides the actions and decision‐making of IPR‐NAS, and spells out and makes visible to the world its overall goal. It provides the framework within which the IPR‐NAS' strategy is formulated.

• Conceptual Strategic Statements, which figure out the major problems of IPR‐NAS and outline the ways of their solving in order to: i) increase the R&D excellence of IPR‐NAS; ii) contribute to further sustainable socio‐economic development; iii) contribute further in ERA ‐ for a range of future scenarios. Conceptual Strategic Statements cover all the aspects of IPR‐NAS’ activity.

To download the mission and Development Strategy of IPR, please, follow the link below.

IPR Strategy            IPR Strategy

Armenian            English

• Strategic Plan for 2014‐2020, an action plan which is destined to specify practical measures for implementation of Conceptual Strategic Statements. To download the Strategy Plan, please, follow the link below.

IPR Strategy            IPR Strategy

Armenian              English

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