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Emission and scattering of actively controlled light

Seminar on August 9th, at 10:00,Place: IPR 2nd working building, 4th...
by Ruzan Sokhoyan, Ruben Khachaturyan

IPR's major achievements over the past decade include

development of atomic vapor cells of nanometric thickness and their use in new perspective studies of coherent, magneto-optical, and collisional processes and emerging applications;

development of schemes for quantum information storage and retrieval via atomic coherence, elaboration of schemes for quantum information, communication, and computing;

complex study and development of multifunctional crystals and active media, as well as periodically poled crystals for new efficient solid-state laser sources and radiation converters;

growth and study of new high-efficiency scintillation single crystals for new-generation medical tomographs and for high-energy calorimetry;

elaboration of techniques to produce thin film structures for microelectronics, photonics, and superconducting devices;

development of new techniques for synthesis of carbon and ferromagnetic nanoparticles and organic ferromagnetics;

development of new techniques for engineering of 2D and 3D micro- and nanostructured photorefractive materials for photonics and information storage;

development of devices for crystal growth apparatus, cryogenic technique, single-photon detectors, optical imaging, and laser technology.

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Laser Physics 2019

International Conference Laser Physics 2019 organized by the Institute for Physical Research (IPR) of NAS of Armenia 17–20 September,...

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